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Nice! How does she like her new engine? :)
Almost as much as I do. ;)
I'm very pleased with how well it runs.

Here's a boring 75 second video heading in to town the other day.
One of my daughters named it Lurch.

The videos don't do it justice. ;)

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I think they are really good looking trucks, maybe some of the best looking.
Like everything else everyone wants a premium price for them.
I stole mine but I've put quite a bit in to it but I'm happy with it now.
Still needs (actually things I want) a bit more work, it will never see new paint.
It looks better in the pictures than it really is.

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I found a really nice 410 out of a 1966 Mercury over in CO.
Ford put a 428 crankshaft in a 390 and ended up with 410.
Its basically a factory stroked 390.
Ford only made them for two years, 1966-67 and they were only offered in full size Mercurys.
I'm very lucky to have found one and it runs great.
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