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Name this pipe!!

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Hey I was wondering if anyone could tell me what this pipe was! Thanks Casey
Also I was wondering if it will work well with a 300 LA sleeve Kit. Bike ran horrible before and came to thinking the port work was done by an amature. Just a thought.

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Well I would narrow it down to a power pros, original klemm or a sprock. I dont think It is a sprock pipe. I would say it looks alot like a power pros pipe. May be original klemm as well. The power pro design was taken from the original klemm design. I compared it to the pipe on tecate project page looks close. Power Pros . The original klemm can be seen here. I believe this is the one rockhound had. http://www.kawieriders.com/forum/kawasaki-tecate/78775-what-mystery-pipe.html
I got this pipe w the tecate about 10yrs ago and it looked pretty old then. The guy could not remember the manufacture of it and had also done many more strange things to the poor bike. I finally have some time and money to turn around what he did!
To me that looks a fair bit thicker than that original klemm/power pro pipe. Whats this 2nd gen. high rpm pipe bill from klemms made look like??
Anyway you look at it, that pipe is rude!!! Great snag! Somebody send those pics to dave, see what the wise one says.
This is what the second gen klemm pipe looks like. More of a high rev pipe so I am told Klemm Research
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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