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Need a good set of Prairie/V heads

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Does anyone have a good complete set of heads ready to bolt on laying around for a 650/700 Prairie or V force? I need to get a set to put my bike back together, this is all I need I think. Just let me know if so.
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You need cams too?

PM Sent
Don't need any cams. I have set of them :tup: PM returned :D
dilley what kinda cams ya got?
Just stockers, but I wanted to keep them for cores.
Who couldnt use some head? :lol:

:hehe::hehe: I am always up for some :tup: LOL
Still looking.... anyone?
I know somebody has a good set laying around :huh:
dammit Neal...I wasn't gonna sell them but I have a set of v heads I'll part with if you still need them.

I need some new paddles..:cool:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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