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Need a good way to check toe in & out?

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2008 KX450R,
Looking how you guys do your alignment with a flat edge or a better way, how much toe for the front wheels? My front does not look right.
Thank you much! Steve
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i use a tapemeasure and measure distance between the front of the front tires and the distance between the rear of the front tires if both measurements are the same then you should be good
Thank you much!
Do you need any toe in anywhere? It drives good but looks like it is out to me on one side with the bars straight, i will make them even and thanks for the reply!! Steve
Thank you much!
Do you need any toe in anywhere?

not that i know of

and try to make sure you dont have any play in your inner and outer tierod ends becuase if you do that will make it hard to get the toe end set
Will do bud!
Thank you much on this, take care!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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