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Need Nerfs and Renthal handle bars for KFX700

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Picked up a 08 kfx today and needs some parts!
5. EHS airbox lid
Parts needs to be in excellent condition, anyone have any of these parts IM me. Thanks
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DG Alloy Nerfs
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I have one more set of Green Hand guards brand new in the package I may let go. I will half to think on it some. There identical to Powermadds, They come with the mounting kit also and they are also just like the powermadds. This same setup online will cost you around 65.00-70.00. If I decide to sell my last set I will take 40.00 for them.

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here's some handle bars.Ones I had listed
If you decide that you want wider than 1" rear spacers, let me know. I have a complete set of spacers for a KFX700 and would split them up, if needed. Here's a link to my for sale thread. http://www.kawieriders.com/forum/sale/93754-kfx700-front-rear-wheel-spacers.html

By the way, I had a pair of those DG nerfs like T_Dilley is selling and they are some of the strongest nerfs I have come across.
Thanks for the replies, I found my bars, hand guards, Nerfs, rear spacers, EPI Maroon, just looking now for and exhaust/slip on in great condition. Thanks
I have brand new nerf bars that dont even have one ride on them yet but I dont know if I want to sell them.

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