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Needed some guidnce

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Well here it is i was in the process of getting a 730bbk and just ran into a snafu with money i was wondering if anybody knws how it would run with just a hi compression piston and some stage two cams can you do that ? if so what do you guys recomend partswise ?
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yes you can do this.. you have to have the valve springs that are made for bbk's though.. and i would recommend the oil catch can mod.. and thats about all you would need for the bbk..

with my 715 alll i needed was pistons(pins..clips..and rings).. the dual spring valve springs... the stage 3 cams.. stage 2 is same just not as good i guess.. and the yfz catch can mod.. i would also recomend the clutch being cut because this helps the new bbk really open up and let it wind out everything it has.

hope this helps
well thank you very much that does help what is the yfz catch can mod ? and cutting the clutch ?
the yfz catch can mod is a new breather hole basically... whoever you buy your kit from can do the mod on your rear head or you could do it yourself.. you have to drill a hole in the rear head where the cam chain tightener would have been but instead its just filled in.. i cant describe it that well.. maybe someone else knows a link to it or something.. but its just so when you get a bbk the pressure inside the crank case doesnt blow oil out of the original crank case vent hose and into your airbox.. it circulates the oil almost like the rappy 700s does with the oil box on the front of the engine.

and for the clutch mod you would have to talk to VFJ for that.. its where he cuts the clutch at a different angle where the belt will rise higher and faster than stock.. giving more top speed and accelleration i believe.. or maybe just top speed.. i think it allows 90 somthing instead of the 70 something stock.. but not sure on the numbers just guessing
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The stage 3 cams and the stage 2 cams have different profiles, the stage 3 is built for more top end, the stage 2 has more midrange power. It doesn't make one better than the other just puts the power in different RPM's.

Having the clutch machined will allow the belt to travel further on the shaves allowing for more top end, it also raises fuel economy.

A stock bore with some wiseco pistons and stage 2 cams will run fairly good, you just need the valve springs.

Back in the summer of 2008 I ran wiseco 11.5:1 pistons with FST stage 3 cams and it had some great top end. The stage 3 is the largest cam you can run with the wiseco's though.
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