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nerf / side bars

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I'm looking into getting some nerf bars, but wanted a platform type, with heel guards. I found the PRM Sidebars, would be perfect, but not for $250. Anybody know of any other more moderately priced 'side' bars. I just don't want that cheesy nylon strap crap. I want something that I can stand up on if needed and not fall thru those nylon ones and break a leg. I thought about getting some nerf bars without the nylon straps and weld a plate across for the platform. Anybody have any ideas or have done anything similar?
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Tusk nerfs on ebay.
dont ever buy anything tusk they suck you can get nice rock nerf bars they have the big peg heel guards and eveything they run like 189 or so before tax sorry if ne body likes tusk but i think their a bad brand sorry
Never had a problem with my tusk nerfs. They've held up better than the AC and Pro Armor that I have had. To top it off they were given too me as a Xmas gift 4yrs ago.
i agree that tust nerf bars are good my lil bro has em on his blaster and we beat the hell out of it and they old up awsome and for the money they are the way to go
I have a few things from tusk and never had a problem.
I couldn't find any solid platforms from Tusk, Rock, Moose, DG, AC, ProArmor, nothing. Seems like PRM is the only kind like that and will go with those eventually.
i have never heard of tusk before do they have a website and what all do they make?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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