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new and need some advice

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im really thinking about buying a brute force in my area.. for X amount i wanted to hear from some of the guys that know about these bikes what they would think i should pay for it..

its a 2005 brute force 750, with lift kit 30" tires and dynateck computer, and superwench?
the bike is very clean and has 280 miles on it and 165 hrs..

as a ball park what would you guys think its worth.
any and all help would be great thanks..

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I would say $4500.00 to $5000.00 would be fair...Just bought mine for a teensy weensy bit more.
cool thanks man.. any others got an input on it?

also is it a common problem with these brutes that the cv joint boot tears or rips?
how hard and costly is that to fix?

These machines are the best all around made.............They operate better and are more comfortable than any other machine.

Nice looking machine! I agree with Rack High on the price..........I would ride it before purchase though.............looks like in the pic it needs the fair lead rollers for the winch............good luck

Don't hook the winch on the rack........one wrong push on the button and $$$$$$$$$
The bike looks to be in really good shape plus it seems to have on ITP mudlites which are great tires from what i here...cant really tell what kinda winch but i think about 5000 would be a fair price......you will get more than your moneys worth out of this bike because its set up and these machines are just soooo much fun to ride no matter what kinda riden your doing....good Luck and let us know if you join the brotherhood of Brute owners
thanks guy going to test it out on friday.
these are fuel injected correct?

PainterX that is too funny!:lol: You won't be dissapointed with the brute, as long as the 250 miles were not through the swamp it looks like it is in great shape. That machine around me would go 5k-6k because of the low mileage. The darn things just don't depreciate in value! Good luck
brute force

they didn't start fuel injection till 2008 on the 750.
thanks for the all the info guys.. im sure your going to have a few dumb ?'s from me here and there..

thanks for the all the info guys.. im sure your going to have a few dumb ?'s from me here and there..

Thats ok...........at least you can..........speel, spill ,cpell, spale, cpal, spael ...:unsure:.................arrange the letters of the (english) alphabet in certain ways to form words for communication purposes..................
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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