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new brew force owner with questions

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:confused::confused:hello i am new here from pa and just returned from kentucky with a used 2006 brew force 750 kvfb model in snow camo. i really have not had a chance to really go over the unit but took it for a quick drive then parked it anyway 2 things i have noticed off the bat, 1- original owner has put an hmf exhaust on the atv it is a slip on but noticed when i rode it it is very throaty or boggy and extreemly loud not sure if i like it much but also not even sure if its properly tuned also not sure if any jets or anything like that was changed. when u rev it up it doesnt seem to respond very well i think due to the pipe any thoughts?
2- my other big question is u can hear the belt whine when in use and when u shut the unit off there is all kinds of noises comming from the belt location like some parts are moving, whining ???? is this normal i have only had a polaris in the past so this is all new to me any info is appreciated thanks
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well the noises comming from the belt area are the actuator witch is fine the only time you have to worry about that is if you don't hear it squeal or the 2x4 light blinks on the dash.and for the hmf I love those pipes it sounds like a harley running threw the woods. I had one on my praire 650 and loved it. but if you want a nice exaust with some added power get the muzzy
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