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new from n.c

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im new to this site & kawasaki i bought a all stock 04 kfx 700 about a month ago with about 300 hrs on it & it has been very well taken care of i think it will be a good quad.
ive had honda's,yamaha's but never a kawie or a v-twin & let me tell u i like my kfx 700 this thing has got the power,it is slow out the box but with some mods it should wake up.
so far all i have is a white bros full exhaust its not a muzzy but for 190 new in the box shipped to my door was not bad. i need to rejet it im at sea level whats a good starting point on jet size?
i also have a 00 honda foreman 4x4 bored&stroked mud bike,94 zy250 75rwhp mild motor build crazy fast 110mph with me when i was 270lb & the new toy the kfx 700 stock/piped but not for long. wanting clutch mods,cams & carbs just dont know where to start first. so maybe u kawieriders can help me like the search button on this site has.

im in south east n.c s.c state line if anyone wants to ride hit me up
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Welcome aboard!
How far are you from Fayetteville?
howdy n welcome.
Welcome! theres a few of us here from NC
Welcome aboard!
How far are you from Fayetteville?
its not to far at all about 50 miles, i work in tar heel at the hog plant i stay in cerro gordo 24830.
Welcome, I'm about an hour from Tarheel. Lets ride sometime
welcome aboard
Welcome to KW's
Welcome fellow N.C. atv man.
thanks everyone for the welcomes
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