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New member from The Netherlands

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Hello.I am Chris from the Netherlands.We also do some 'Bruting" in Europe.
My Brute 650 is currently setup for plowing snow on the frozen lakes for the many ice-skating enthousiast we have in this country.We do many skate-tracks of varios distances 15km up to 60km tracks.And nothing beats plowing snow at 90 km/h on the lakes:lol:.
My Brute has a Warn plow+winch and studs in all tires.
I,m currently saving money to buy a Brute 750 (or 850 next year)Wich wil have the full car-mods for driving legaly on the roads and highways in Europe.This new Brute I wil use for my worktravals.I'm a lighttechnician and working at many Festivals and concerts in Europe.And having a Brute helps a lot to get everywhere:cool:.

Love this forum! I've seen it before.Today I finally became a member.
Wow,all this info about Kawi's.........NICE!!!!

Hoping to incounter a few of you on this forum/site......

Greetz Chris D from Holland:D
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Welcome aboard
hello n welcome
Sounds like alot of fun. Welcome!!
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