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New Member with new mojave build thread

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Well I recently Bought a 1991 kawasaki mojave 250 for a project ive been wanting to do for awhile,
the engine in the quad is tired But does still run it will be up for grabs soon,
My project is going to include a engine transplant out of a sportbike, I want somthing fast for a quad, I am going to extend my rear trailing arm 2" aswell,
I get the quad home 2morrow and will post pictures, and will post alot more as i tear it apart, i will be taking it down to the bare frame and after all nessisary modifications to fit the sportbike engine I will be getting it powdercoated Blue, Im thinking of going with green plastics and getting the newer style front plastics so it has the smaller better looking fenders.
As for sportbike engines, possibilites are:
-ninja 600r
-ninja 500
-gsxr 600
- and if i can fit it GSXR 750
I know those engines are worth double what my quad will be worth when done But Im building it for me and have no intentions of selling it once completed, Ive riden many racing quads and none have the throttle response and pure torque that i desire, so i figure a sportbike engine will do the trick, But I will be rebuilding the engine and possible big-bore kit before i intall it in the quad aswell.... we'll see

Progress will come soon,
and if any of you are wondering I Live in thunder bay Ontario, canada..
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I may get some of the motor parts from the Mojo motor when you are ready. You can send me some pics of the motor.
so i cam across a older kawasaki ninja not sure if i can make it fit but im going to give it a try its a ninja GPZ 750 with big bore kit I think he said it was soemthign like a 830cc now, But its hella fast and would be fun as hell in the quad, time will tell if it will work or not...
I'll post pics of the engine up as soon as i get it home, i'll even post a video of it running.
let me know a price on the whole engine mine is junk
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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