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New paint on the BF 750i

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was a crappy cammo job i did since the original green looked like crap. all tan for the desert, have had it out 3 times since paint with no chips. 4 cans of Krylon tan camo and 4 cans of krylon matte clear. whatcha think?:

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cool desert storm look.need to pull them off and get the under fender.
all plastic was off, i really didn't want to paint under the fender as it would chip and really look like POS. next time i'll do the underside in bedliner. it really would look bad with all the desert sand thrown up under the wheel wells that's why i didn't paint there. thanx!
Ahhh!!Good point,didn't think of that.Looks good though...:cheers:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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