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New York Seltzer

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WTF ever happended to these? I use to drink the fukk out of them back in the late '80's -early '90's. Are these available in any other states?

They came in a short, glass bottle with a styrofoam label and were available in all sorts of flavors.
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i remember those,but it has been years since i seen them around here
They have Vintage Seltzer round these parts now. I love me some seltzer:D
I'm pretty sure we have that here but that stuff is NASTY!!! I'll check the next time I got to the store. :) your first care package will be in the mail tomorrow. ;)
Their lemon/line was my crack back in the day.
SELTZER?!?! :eek:

I got a 'House Special Lemonade' at O Charleys the other day. It was made with seltzer water. I'd have been better off drinking out of the toilet. :lol:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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