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Got involved with ATVing about a year ago on a Honda Rancher. Rode for about 5 minutes and I knew this was something I was going to enjoy, alot. Now we ride as a family, but I ride mostly with my son (23) and his friends. We now have an '07 BF 750, 2- '08 BF 650i, and the Rancher.

For my area, it seems Pa is about the friendliest towards ATVing. Been to Trevorton about 14 times, SSRT about 6 times, St. Claire once, and a few times at Dixon Miller, Lost Trails, and a 2 DRNC parks off Route 402 in Pike County.

I also ride with some friends up in Sullivan Co., NY. Great group of guys I met through the website NYATVOnline.com.

I look forward to meeting some new riders and checking out some new places. Hope I can help.
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