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OEM decals

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Anyone know of a place where I can get all of the decals that come on the plastics from the factory?
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If you have some good photos of what you want,you can go to a graphic company and have them made.
Wait,are you talking about your brute or tecate ? The brute you can get from a dealer....
tecate, can you email them to me?
I don't have any.What I'm saying is you can take a magazine or any kind of photos of what you want to a graphic shop and they can get you what you want.
Check the post on this forum titled "Custom Vinyl Decals." He should be able to help ya.
Ooo, I misread your post, I have people to make vinyl decals. I just need copies of them.
Do a thorough search on ebay, I've seen a guy selling reproduction decals on there. If I ever get my T4 hybrid going, I'm going to try to get them put on the KFX fenders.
I bought a set of those decals. they look pretty good. I cant tell a difference from factory. They are for the green T4 though.
Yup mines green
I ordered a set, I see someone else has too.
I did as well
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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