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oil change on a 300 Prairie 4x4

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This is as simple as I can make it.
My brother bought a used 2000 Prairie 300 last week. Brought it straight to my house for some fix up. I have no owners or service manuals to go by. He bought 4 quarts of oil and a filter and wants me to change it for him. I could probably find my way through the job but I don't want to miss anything.
First, does the engine really take all 4 quarts that the dealer sold to him?
The two Mojave's I had only ran about 2 quarts. This Prairie being a 4x4 the oil might also lube the gear box/transfer case possibly.
Second, any procedures/tips on the oil change would be appreciated.
I hate removing things only to find out they didnt have to be taken off to complete the job.
While I'm at it, anyone ever run into the Lh switch pod on the handlebars acting up and preventing the green start button from functioning? To start this quad you have to hold the green button in while wiggling the wire that goes into the switch pod until the starter engages and cranks the motor over. Once running if you wiggle the same wire it will also kill the engine.
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I have a 1999 kawasaki 300 praire 4x4 I have owned it for about 5 years now and have spent a few hunderd dollars on it trying to correct the following problem. When accelerating quickly from and dead stop it will sputter and not take off until you let up on the gas. You have to use the choke in order to get it going. At first I thought is was just cold natured but it can be runnning for sometime and still does it. Anyone had a similiar problem? Not a hughe problem for me however just want it running correctly.
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