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Olympics- Mens Hockey

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Canada is going to get there asses handed to them tonight. :p
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Wanna bet on that :p
I don't get MSNBC so I can't watch it:mad:
I was in Old Forge Ny(very close to Lake Placid when we won it many years ago,it was so cool to see all the people on these remote trains heading a short distance to the games and then watching it onfold in the lodge in front of a BIG fire.
I'll never forget it:)
As much as I want the U.S to win, I think the Canooks are gonna hand us our asses.
u guys in the us stand no chance in hell lmao can u say canada for gold?
Canada can put the best players on the ice.......... they can win if they play together as a team.
Canada is going to get there asses handed to them tonight. :p
I got 5 bucks that says you're wrong. I'll pm you my paypal after the game. :hehe:

You guys are good, but we're better. :p
I'll bet $100 that I know the score before the game starts.:D
0 - 0

I'll pm you my paypal. :p
Awesome game so far... We're outplayin ya but it doesn't show on the scoreboard. 2-1.

What a dumbass play for Brodeur to bat it right up the middle. :mad:
Nevermind. Make that 5-3 :p
:p:p:p:D:D:D:lol::lol::lol::tup::tup::tup: Miller for prez
Wow... what a game! Miller was spectacular. He's the reason US won. Canada outplayed the US badly. The goalies decided this game... US goalie for playing so well. Canada goalie for playing like a putz and having a few brain farts. :mad:

We're not out of the gold yet. This means US has a bye in the next round.

See you guys in the medal round. :p
You want my paypal info Camo. :p
What surprised me was how sloppy Canada's passing in the second and part of third period was. And just to be a rube, that last penalty was a bad call.
great game--alot of competition.
You want my paypal info Camo. :p
If you agreed to it before the game started, then sure. :cool:
:lol: I was going to start a thread teasing yall about the upset of the US whoppin up on Canada' hockey team, but you guy did it to yourselves in this one :lol:

Just remember, though, you guys are still in it and lets face it, the US is going to need all the rest they can get .
1 - 20 of 164 Posts
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