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Opinion on bigfoot kits help me decide!

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I have narrowed down my choices. all are 27" tires with 14" rims. all are from onlineatvparts.com Which do you all think is the best for rocky desert, no mud at all, but river rock washes. thanx

Mudtrax with the SS108 black $630
Reptile with SS108 black $700
Swamplite with SS108 black $680
Zilla's with SS108 black $690

other rim choices are:

all in black or silver
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All these tires are mud tire oriented. Why dont you try the maxxis bighorn 2.0. That is a great tire for all around like you are describing. Not trying to change your choice but thing more well suited thats all.
Call dicks atv.. He is a site sponsor.

Has the best prices, best service, and best advise

Definately Big Horns for what you ride.Although my Zillas work great in mud,sand,and rocks.I ride mostly mud and sand.You would be much happier with Big Horns.
cool, thanx for the advice. i'll check his site.
I agree with Donkey, give Mike a call

not only is he usually the cheapest, but you'll get them yesterday
just shot him an email for his advice. thanx again
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