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Ordered the parts!

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Welp getting closer. I ordered the Mojave parts today that I need to see if its gonna run. So what are the main steps I need to do while putting this thing together. I got the thing and nothing was on the frame, It was in bags and boxes,. I have it to a rolling chassis minus the brakes n crap.

As far as the motor what should I look for?
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I am sorry how do you start a new thread I have a mojave that is driving me crazy
Just clink Mojave forums then click post new thread.
I'm trying to think how to answer this without writing a book.:lol:

Mine is torn down to the frame as well, but I've had it apart enough to know what most bolts go to by just looking at them. If you can get a picture of a specific area that you need to see, I'll take some pictures as I start to reassemble mine next week.
Nothing really specific just any tricks to any parts that are hard. There may not be any. Dont look like it really but there is always some tricks.
I'm not much help inside the motor, but the external stuff is pretty straight forward. A few parts are easier with a second set of hands, but it's all possible by yourself.
I just made me a honda throttle setup for the mojo. Well I still half to weld a bracket up but its there. Now I can put my Monster Throttle Cover from my V over onto the Mojo when my new one for the V comes in. :rock: I didnt much like the look of the stock mojo throttle.
ya like the trick to the clutch cover

What about it? Is it the kick start spring or something?
So what is the big deal about the clutch? Just wondering cuz that is something I hate messing with on one for some reason. Hey Mojave Magic, Take some pics and stuff when you put yours back together if you come across something that is aggravating.:lol:

I done some small stuff tonight like putting some of the crap on the bars. I put the pegs and heel guards on because it looked like the motor could be slid in with them on.I can always take one back off. Just wanting this mofo together and hopefully running. Only part I really dread is the wiring, I didnt take it apart so I have no idea. It has all went together great so far.

Things to still put on are Front Brakes,Rear Brakes,Chain,Motor,Fan and Radiator,Wiring, Gotta mod a rear shock to make it work on there, The rest is together just need to tighten all the bolts.
Whats up with the rear shock? Post build pics Please
The rear shock is not for a Mojave:D Actually not sure what it is from but the length seems to be perfect just the shock mounts are too big. Gonna cut them down to fit. I will get some pics up soon.
HOLY Crap Huge update!

I found out the other cam gear was bad so I went to the closest Kawie Dealer which is in TN about 30 miles down the road. Got the gear, Put it on. Finally got the timing where I thought it should be and oiled it all up. Sit the motor in the frame. Hooked up the wiring, Sit the gas tank on it,put the carb on it, Turned the key on, Kicked it once and it seemed to have great compression and you could hear it. Second crank it fired for a sec. Then I decided to put the exhaust on it and try it. Kicked and wham Pured like a kitten and the motor was quite as could be :rock:

I thought I would never quit smiling and screaming!:D

This Mojave was in boxes and bags when I got it and not one single thing was put together on it. Also stripped the whole motor down to see how everything looked and found it had already been bored 0.20 over and had a 11.5:1 Wiseco piston in it that looked near new. The cylinder was perfect looking with no scratches etc.

I cut the Decomp aka KACR off the exhaust cam. This thing has alot of compression. Im glad it starts on the first or second crank:lol:

So now the Motor is in,The brakes front and back are on and bled and work like new. All I like now is getting the wiring ran right and modding a back shock for it. Oh and I gotta weld me up a bracket for the Carb so I can run a honda Throttle.

It will be done in a day or so and I will get some pics and vids up. I was gonna take a vid of me starting it but the batteries was dead:mad:

I just cant believe that thing started up so easy and it sounds freakin sweet. I have an uncorked White Brothers Eseries pipe on it. It should do a great job for a 2fiddy :rock:

Pics and vids to come guys, Thought I would update you all on my excitment. Stay Tuned.

BTW thanks for help and parts and those of you know who you are. I wouldnt have this thing if it wasnt for KR and I thank you!

KR ROCKS! :rock:
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Awesome news! It's always good to hear another one is living again.

I just got my motor back with a 280 kit, so I'll be putting things back together this week. I'll try and get some pictures of anything tricky as I go, but my wiring is a little different due to the ricky stator stuff and extra circuit for added lights.
I was wondering how one would go about adding some lights. I just made a new spot for the stocker for now. I will have pics and vids up real soon. It is completely together and ready now, Just waiting on a chain. LOVIN it already :rock:

First thing I have had completely stripped when I got it and put it all back. There is no bolt on a Mojo I have not turned now:lol: It was nice getting to know the machine by having to completely assemble everything.

Both cam gears were bad, Kick start idle Circlip,Put a new head gasket,oil screen and filter, If anyone has ever went completely through a kawie they will know there dealing with the best :rock:

Crap they should update the Mojo with some plastic and leave the rest and put them out again. They will kill any other 250cc stock even if the other 250's had all the bolt ons. For that matter most of the 300-400cc quads too. Kawie needs to get there heads on right.
Ah shit! I took it around the yard a couple times poking around, Felt and sounded good and healthy. Got some more cloths on to make a run down the road and it just all of a sudden died and will not start back. It is getting fire and sounds like the compression is still good. What do you guys think? Carb Clogged up? Just my damn luck after all that and it just quits outta no where!
I would assume you have the carb pretty clean already from when it was apart, so chances are that's not it unless you didn't check it.

Is your wiring mostly done? Maybe something is loose and acting like the kill switch is off? Valves good? My stock one needs to be adjusted pretty badly right now and it doesn't want to start or idle.

When I had the same higher compression piston, if I stalled mine hard, it wasn't always happy about starting. You give it a few gentle kicks to clear everything out and then a good one and it usually fires up.
I actually never even checked the carb. I am prolly about to go down and mess with it in a few.

Wiring is completely done.

When it died I didnt stall it though. I was going through the gears at half throttle and got to 4th and it just bogged and died,:eek:
SOB! The rear cam gear must have not been tight enough and the gear is spinning and the cam is not. I cannot believe this. So now this gear is like the last two and the little pin is broke off. DAMNIT!
Guess I will get another cam gear a some Loctite! IDK why I didnt use it anyhow, stupid of me:mad: I need a chain tensioner also. Dont wanna half to buy one of those new:eek:
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