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Paddles versus A/t

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I noticed that my paddles are 20", while my A/Ts are 22". This seems to give the paddle-equipped quad a better holeshot. Is there a reason for the size difference, besides the fact that i got them used?
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I'm not sure what you're asking...
In general, tires are available in a wide range of sizes...
Quad manufacturers install whichever tire they feel gives the best overall performance in a wide range of applications for which they have targeted the particular quad to meet.
Tire manufacturers produce tires they feel will sell best based upon market research of how specific vehicles are used.
Paddle tires are designed for sand, a very popular offroading market...
therfore I'm sure many sizes are available in many different heights...20" being yours.
widths...8.5...9.75...10...or 11" for example..
and rim size...stock being 10" ....
the reason you feel a better hole shot is had with the 20" padles may not have anything to do with tire size...
it may be due to the tread design...again paddles are specifically designed for sand...
A/T tires are an All Terrain tire for general use...
Depending on what you're doing you either have to try many different combinations to find the optimum performance...
or use what the manufacturer sugests and live with mediocrity...
I hope this helps you some...:D
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Gardog---Pretty technical guy:p:p

The 20" paddles will prove to be too small for the heavy V and will dig you in too much in the sand---The A/T tires are for hard pack and 22" is good---In the sand they dig in and get stuck---I bing mine to the dunes with me and put them on to play with---You can slide and drift forever with them---But if I'm going to follow someone out to the dunes I put the paddles back on.

LOL, I was running it on my lawn checking it out for this weekend. When I gassed it, neither quad spun. I just figured that the shorter tire would provide a different effective gear ratio, making it quicker, but not as fast, similar to running 4.11:1 gears rather than 3.50:1 gears in a car.

I figured out that I'm not getting optimum performance - the Kaws are for the kids to ride while I ride my Raptor. What I don't know is if the Raptor or the Kaw will be the faster/quicker ride. Mostly, I want the bikes to be reliable and safe.

Oh, the baby weighs 250 or so, so it isn't like I'm trying to kill her with all these mods....
Uh Oh...He said Craptor...oops I meant raptor....:eek::huh::p:lol:
If neither of your 700's will spin the tires, you have some problems.
You're right Kenny, 20" paddles do dig too much for the V. I realized this on mine when I ran them (got them from the guy I bought the bike from). Now I run 24's.and they work great.
I run 20's in the mud drags. Mainly to keep my wheel speed up. They work well. But in sand they would probably be garbage.

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Mine isn't that muddy LOL, but the tires are similar. The paddles came with the bike from back east, Arkansas or Oklahoma someplace, which may be why they are small. I got some 21's today for the other bike, we'll see how it works out. In the sand, the choice will be paddles that might not be the right size, or worn-out A/Ts. I'm thinking the kids will have more fun with the paddles.
T Dilley, you hate those air box cover tabs too huh..? :)
T Dilley, you hate those air box cover tabs too huh..? :)


my tab where the air box cover meets my rear plastic is hanging out in the picture.

That a little HP secret I learned awhile back. :hehe:
Don't get me startd on that air box cover!!!:pissed::pissed::pissed:
You will find that the best sand performance is from using a tire that is taller than your 22" A/T tires. Most go for a 24x11-10 8 to 10 paddle tire for the sand.
I got my new paddles home, supposed to fit my KFXs, and the bolt pattern is too small by a long ways. The tire is a 21-12-8, much smaller diameter and wider rim than the ones on the A/Ts.

Not sure what I'm gonna do, I really wanted paddles on both KFXs this weekend.

I work with the guy i got them from, so getting my money back shouldn't be a problem; he may have just grabbed the wrong set....
What are you planning on using these paddles for? A 21-12-8 paddle on a KFX?

I don't care what size the jockey of the quad is these KFX's need AT LEAST 24" paddles.
whats a good place to get the 24's for the v cheap,
Can you run stock fronts with ok results? im going to silver lake michigan in the spring.
I have 24's I am selling cheap. One of them leaked at the bead. P.M me if interested.

They are 24x11x10 edges
whats a good place to get the 24's for the v cheap,
Can you run stock fronts with ok results? im going to silver lake michigan in the spring.
If you are able to hold off a little longer, I may have a set of 24" 8-paddle Skat Trak Extemes for sale. It all depends if I am forced to sell my orange V. I will know in 3-4 weeks, I would guess. PM me if you would like me to let you know once I figure out what is going on. There usually aren't too many used sets for sale.

They are the tires on the rear of my green V in my sig pic.
Dave at Fullerton Sand Tires says teh same thing the 24" are the Ticket! now to go either Edges or Haulers for the wifes Quad, he like to put them on 10" wide rims, I hate 10" rims, Pro: Great Floatation, Con: Sand Can Get into The Bead, have to silcone the edges.
I run 9" on the DS and the LT500, Like to see how a set of Comp Grooved SS would work on the V700.
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