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Pads wearing fast???

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Do aftermarket pads such as the sintered ones make that much of a difference in wear/life if you do a lot of mud and water riding? My girl and I both just went through our front brake pads in about 6 months and we only ride about once per month. We rarely ever use our front brakes because we both have the sealed wet rear brake which is more reliable and we do a thorough pressure washing after every ride. Just riding around with mud caked in there wore them down, I guess. I can't believe our pads are gone already.
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The pads aren't too thick to start with .They almost look wiped out when they are new.Yes there are aftermarket pads that will last longer and stop better but remember if they last longer ,they are harder which means that instead of just slapping another set of pads on you will have to replace rotors also.
I ran the EBS premium pads for a while on my Grizz but with water/sand and mud it just buys you a few more weeks betwen pad replacements.
thanks for the tips. I'll stick with the OEM pads and try to do a better job of keeping them clean.
how about a sealed wet front brake? that would make a whole lotta damn sense. the only difference in the front and rear diff is the 2wd/4wd mechanism and the diff lock. wonder if they tried it and couldn't fit it in there. I doubt it, I think it would be a good freaking invention.
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