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Pinewood Derby-I need help

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i havent done this since i was a cubscout. but, last night my girlfriend hit me up that her son's race is next weekend and hands me the unopened box.

so, any of yall have some good tips or pointers on how to get the edge.
ive done some web searching and found all the "free" tips, but i dont have the time to order one of those books that "reviels all" to be the fastest.

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I am no pro but we did this last year and building 2 of them now. Last year I learned that weight is one of the most important things. Make it as heavy as the rules allow. I drilled holes in our cars and put in pennies and then filled the holes with wood filler.
Second is the axels and wheels. These are better in the 2010 kits than they were in 2009. If you got the time you can polish the axels or simply buy some here Pinewood Derby Axles
Lastly is graphite lube for the wheels. Dont use WD-40 or oil that will only cause other problems.

Hope it helps.
Just finished one with my son.
Cub Scout rule is 5.0 oz.The closer to 5oz you are,the faster you go.
Added weight to the rear of car.The weight pushes the car.Some people believe weight to the front of the car to pull it down the track.This is not true.It will pull it off the gate faster,but slows it down once the car is on flat ground.
Polish the axles with fine sand paper.
Buff the wheels to a smooth surface with fine sandpaper.
Apply graphite lube to axles/wheels.
Make sure all wheels spin for 15 sec or longer by using your finger.
Make sure all wheels touch the ground while car is sitting still.
Good luck!!!
thanks guys, do yall happen to have pics of your body design? i have some ideas in mind but not sure. thinking about this

This guy has some good tips.My youngest got second place in tiger cubs,not too bad for first time.There are a lot of vids on you tube give good pointers.
Sand the heck out of the nails that hold the wheels on with like chaulk or something. I think they have it a Micheals, also use good sand paper over the body like 2000-6000 grit. The smoother the faster. Don't forget about the nails. My friends boy forgot to do it and picked up a .10 or more. He placed 2nd. But started with a time close to the back.
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