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plow set or blower?

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Snow blower broke today and I'm not sure it's worth fixing. I'm thinking about getting a plow for the brute but I like how I can toss the snow with the blower.

thoughts? I've never used an ATV plow

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if ya do decide to go with a plow get the Warn Provantage, it's the toughest built plow iv'e seen. Hands down! Warn also has the best mount with that front mount (no pushtubes under the bike!) = more clearance.
I've got a plow and blower. I find myself using the plow cause of time. I would rather use the blower cause there's no piles with the blower. Right bnow I'm almost out of room for piles. I have been looking at blowers for the brute though.
I have both and the blower is the way to go
I modified mine and I can take it on and off just as easy as the plow
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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