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Is there anywhere i can get ahold of a rod and the right and left powervalve? Everthing is rounded off and no longer turning. thanks
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rockhound has them
You can still get the powervalves new from Kawie. Im not sure about the rod.
Rockhound has some, you can also get the as said from your local dealer but they are not cheap and quanities are becoming limited. They will probably all be gone this year or next. So if you need them I would get them now before you cant anymore.

12005-1094 LH $49.04 MSRP
12005-1095 RH $49.04 MSRP
okay. thanks for the help guys.
The powervalves are now discontinued. The rod has been discontinued for years. I have all these parts on ebay, super clean. I will make a deal off ebay for a much better price.
Kawasaki Tecate 4 KIPS Power Valve Governor Rod KXF250 : eBay Motors (item 330395645442 end time Feb-14-10 10:53:31 PST)
KIPS Exhaust Power Valve set Kawasaki Tecate 4 KXF250 : eBay Motors (item 330399475793 end time Feb-26-10 11:04:29 PST)
These are my last clean OEM powervalve parts
Unless they were sold this week Kawasaki still has some left. I have a Kawi log in and can check stock on them which they listed them Active and limited quanity. You are correct on the rod though its long gone.
That's what I thought but they are gone

I checked the quantity myself along with 13 other Limited quantity parts. Gave the #'s to my OEM parts supplierr and everyone one of them came back discontinued. Kawasaki has some updating to do on their website.
Well your partially correct I just checked myself and the LH is gone.... but the RH is still avalible in all 3 distribution centers in the US.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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