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Prairie 700 Moose Plow Experience

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I just purchased a 55" Moose Plow blade along with all of the mounting hardware including the manual lift. I seem to only be getting around 5 inches of clearance when I pull the blade up to the lock position. I've read the directions over and over again and tweaked it as much as I can. The system claims 8-12 inches of clearance.

Does anyone have any experience with these systems? Any suggestions as to why I'm not getting the proper clearance levels? Attached is a pick of my wheeler with the plow.

And yes I know i should have gotten a winch instead of the manual lift.
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Only way you are going to get that type a clearence is with bigger tires. With stock size tires and stock front springs 5" is about all your are going to get.

The stock front springs on the prairie are pretty weak. A set of aftermarket like highlifter or progressive are a must for plowing.
2x go with the HL springs
limits of the design, you could try Warns new mounting system if its that big of a deal.
Air your front tires up...might give you an extra inch??? It helps me out a little.
I believe the high plow clearance advertised can only happen when lifting with the winch.I remember reading somewhere that the manual lift won't go as high.
highlifter yellow springs or progressive are a must for plowing.I had both and the yellow worked out the best
I'm a long-time ATV plower. The manual lift won't give you the clearance you want. Hook it to your winch and put on heavier front springs. That will give you 6-8 inches of clearance.
Thanks for all of the great advice guys. I used the plow this week when Northern VA got blasted with snow yet again and it worked like a charm. The only issue I have with the clearance it getting it on and off my truck. Looks like the only way i can transport it is my trailer.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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