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Prairie 700 tires rubbing Muzzy exhaust

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I just put 28x10x12 Swamplites on my 700 Prairie now they rub my muzzy exhaust in the front where the exhaust crosses in front og the frame whan turning hard left.So far this is the only clearance issue and nothing else has been cut or modded on the bike.My question is will front wheel spacers be my answer or somehow limiting the steering on extreme left hand turns,I wonder if there is any adjustment in the header tube?
help thanks in advance.
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Not alot of adjustment in the header but yes spacers with solve the rubbing problem. I have 1.5 inch spacers on mine.
will the spacers cause it to hit the front of the floorboards?
will the spacers cause it to hit the front of the floorboards?
theres only one way to know for sure :p
I am sure there is but hate to spend $100 or more to find out it still hits....derr:p
thats what you get for running 28's..... derr:p
well I got out there and tried to reroute/move the exhaust a little,did not move,My stock exhaust is barely smaller than the Muzzy,,guess I will get me some 1.5" spacers cuz I am not goung back to the 26's
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