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Over the years my prairie has been parked for long periods at a time due to back injuries and just plain work taking up too much of my time.While sitting the battery has gone completely dead several times.When I was working at a bike shop ,I tried to get a new one directly from uasa who makes it and was told it was made just for Kawi and they had a deal with them so they couldn't sell it to me .I had to go thru Kawi.
Once again I was getting it ready for plowing this winter and the battery was dead.I put my battery tender on it over night and once again it can back completely.These batteries are unbelievable.
I have been it the automotive business for 28 years and I have never seen a battery cycled from total dead to fully charged so many times and still be good.It is the original battery so it is like nine and a half years old and it has been totally dead atleast once each year.I don't know what makes them different but I am impressed.
My Harleys use a sealed battery and the most I get out of them is four years.They may be used more but the quad has the winch draw on it when I'm out on it.
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