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Prairie / Brute Force / Bayou Pics

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Here's mine as of now:

And out on the trail hunting:
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where did you get that team green kawasaki winch strap? love it! I need one.
Thanks! Pm me your address and I'll send you one for Christmas.:tup:
2013 brute Force 750 LE, 26" Rip Saw tires. First ride.

Very nice. How are you liking those tires? Thinking about trying a set out...
2010 Brute Force 650 sra
Just picked out up two months ago. Had 42 miles and 20 hrs. Can't wait to get it dirty. Needs skids asap
Awesome machine and great find!!
Wish they still made that color. I like it better than the candy apple green they do now.
Went out for a little spin in the canyon the other day. Got higher up than I thought I would with the snow and all. Made it up to a frozen lake and took some pics.

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First ride of spring '14. Devils racetrack in San Rafael Swell in Utah:

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Sorry if you guys saw this pic on the other forum. Here is my youngest boy on the Prairie.

Nice! What is that front bumper? Got any more pics of it from the front?
Second big ride of the year, Moab Utah! Spent 10 days riding the trails with some friends and family.

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Here are some pics from the last few rides. The snow has finally relented the roads in most of the upper elevations now and things are accessible once again. I've been taking the ol' Kawie into some of these beautiful places now that I can.;)

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Thanks guys. Utah makes everyone a photographer!
Just some pics from last weekend while out hunting...

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A few pics of the latest rides:

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nice shots and a awesome looking rig to boot I'd like to find a green version of one of those!
Thanks. I almost bought a red one, but I'm so glad now that I got the green one instead. I can always see where I've parked it!:D
Great pics Kickstart. Looks like a great ride. I need to get out so bad I can hardly take it.
Thank you. Where have you been? Not been riding much lately?
The Brute had that power steering problem and then that rectifier issue and of course I have that broken rib from that last ride..
I didn't read about any of that! What happened?!
I like the white and the blue both!:D But the original Kawie lime green is still my fav.

this was my first choice - for some strange reason money was a factor in my final decision :lol:

Oh I like the blue you got ten times better. That candy apple green reminds me of that old 60's fad when they used to make everything from drapes, to appliances, to linoleum in that color.:eek: Matter of fact, I think my grandmother still has an oven in that color.....:lol:
Yeah, I was just teasing.:p The florescent lighting in showrooms just blands out that new green and makes it look old. Once it's out in the sunlight, it's actually a very pretty color. But I still like the blue and the lime green better!:D
oh definitely on the kawai lime green would love to find a prairie like yours..........been pondering the idea of getting new plastic skin green to go on my 650 brute
Thanks man. I had to look far and wide to find a lime green TG Sp edition. After about a year, I finally found one but had to drive 1200 miles to pick it up.:eek:

Go for new plastics! Only downside is the cost and shipping. UPS and FedEx won't touch it. They have to come freight (because of the size and shape) and its kinda steep! It will save you about $100 if you can have it sent to a commercial address instead of your residence though.

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Here's a few from the weekend ride:

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