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Prarie Parts -- Front Diff/Axles/Knuckles

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I have some parts laying around from an 02 Prarie that I acquired in a trade.

The guy tried to push a campfire with his plow and got stuck on it for a few minutes. :lol:

Front Diff -- $500 Shipped I would suggest you put new seals in it just to be safe

Axles -- Make offers

Front Knuckles -- Make offers
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axles..... he needs those too..... geeze....that bill keeps on getting bigger
Fine by me..:hehe: :p
pm sent on diff
Forgot to mention I don't have the actuator for the front diff.
All PM's returned
you didn't send me one.. I need a total bill to pass along to my buddy... geeze... I feel some free delivery.. lol
I sent you a PM Z..but let me get you some pictures before you/he decides. They will need CV boots, too. Fire and rubber don't mesh too well.
$450 shipped on the diff
Front Diff Sold.

still have the Knuckles & Front Axles
$100 shipped in the 48 -- Axles

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I'm tired of all this 4x4 Junk layin' around..
$15 + Shipping
I also have some racks for cheap, they will need painted. Hate to put them in the scrap pile if somebody can use them.

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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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