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Problems with stacking spacer lift and lift springs

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I have a prairie 700 that I decided to run 28" swamplites on due to all my trails being wet this time of year,have a set of Works struts with Highlifter springs and the 2" lift spacer on front,my situation is that the bike sits near max and it seems as though when I occasionally bounce around on the trail that the strut maxxes out on rebound and becomes the limiting factor in the travel ,has this ,running lift coils and spacer,been a no no for these bikes?
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I would not run it like that .Every time you come up off of a bump or one wheel drops into a hole ,that strut will snap all of the way open and eventually destroy the strut.I run just the lift kit ,which is just a spacer on top of the strut , and have no problems with my 28" 589's.The other alternative would be to use limiter straps on the front end to stop the travel just before the strut maxes out.Doing this you will still be left with the short comings of not having any wheel drop when going over uneven terrain which could be dagerous .
well I got home from our camping trip near the Florida Motoplex,removed the works struts with the HL coils and just put my stockers back on,rides like a dream.Prob gonna send the struts to C&D and get them rebuilt then just sell them or hold on to them if I ever do any fast XC type running.
man these things ride rough as it is and with that WOW
no shitt. that thing would ride like it's strutted.

even the 4 Yellow EPI springs are too rough alone.

I also run the 28 swamplite. it's a kick ass tire. I love the lug size
they are a great tire,the lugs are uber thick.Still have trouble getting traction though,the 700 just plain burns'em
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