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puller/case separator

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guys, do you use the harmonic puller for your flywheel and case splitting? If you do what make(brand) and did it come with the right size bolts?? Is this a tool that I can pick up at the hardware store and use, or should I go get one atv specific?

I'm looking at the motion pro puller, has any one used it before?

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This is what you want to split your cases. You risk too many issues without the right tools.
yah thats exactly what I was looking at. I believe that puller will work for the flywheel as well, don't see any reason why it wouldn't?
Hey Ryan, can i get those tools thru advantage?
I wish... you can probly get set up with Motion Pro though just Email them. Then you can order all your Cables and Tools from them
Ya they will work on some flywheels, you might look at getting one of these
Motion Pro - FLYWHEEL PULLER, WR400F/Kawasaki Jet Ski 300/440/550
are you certain that is the exact puller I'll need, i know motion pro has no application for the T4. they were unable to garuntee me that any given fly wheel puller would work
If you are looking for motion pro tools u can get them from K&L Supply, also some pullers from TR, Western Power, and Parts Unlimited. Just to name a few..
I've got about the cheapest place I can find the case splitter tracked down, problem is I want to get a designated flywheel puller at the same time, motion pro AND it's distributors can't tell me 100% for sure what puller will work on my bike. Would it be a similar puller to the late model KX bikes....
The late model KX is the same as the CR YZ and some RM's MP601 I beleive is the puller # but not certain. If I rember correctly the puller you need is the same one that the PVL ignition takes. Maybe that might help to track it down. I think K&L does carry it you can look at there catologe online.
call me dumb, who is K&L, I googled it and nothing motor related..
heres the link, you may have to order this stuff directly from a dealer though.
Motorcyle Lifts, Performance & Wheel Equipment, & Hand Tools
I think the part # you need from them is TOOL37
I've never had to use a case splitter. I think you are asking for trouble using one.
When using a case splitter use three holes in close proximity to the crankshaft (NOT TOWARDS THE TRANS) and use only a hand wrench not an impact. It will allow separation of the cases without damage. If you use screwdrivers pry bars etc you are looking for trouble.:)
Also late model kx ie after 1980 all use a MP #1 27mm X 1.0 mm LH internal thread puller Same as many other 2 strokes YZ CR RM and even HODAKA basically most all two strokes except tecate I belive that motion pros MP #37 is the correct puller however I use a steering wheel puller works great. Hope this helps
Dirk, I own the motion pro case splitter but Tusk makes a much affordable version which is almost the same. I sell them for $60 and they do the exact same thing. I have to hand it to you I never even thought of using it to pull the flywheel but it may not work because the holes in the flywheel are in a very small diameter circle and the mid section of the motion pro puller is quite large. I use a universal flywheel puller to pull the T-4 flywheels that has numerous hole patterns drilled out of a round piece of steel.
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