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If you've ever done this job on a Kawie V Twin, you know what a bit** it can be. It's a weird shaped piece that has 11 bolt holes, two dowels, one shaft that has to be lined up perfectly and gently, and has a grommet that tries to pull out while you swing it into position. But the hardest part of it all is that once you get all that crap lined up, the stator and rotor will try to pull the rotor off the crank which can upset the woodruff key and you get to start all over.
Well I learned a trick tonight that makes this job ten times easier. Put everything on the crank as normal, including the bearing. Then grease up the inside of the collar and put it on the crank. Don't worry about using the little key square now because the collar will be coming back off. Put the primary clutch on and hold it from turning, then put the crank bolt in and tighten it down to about 20 ft/lbs. This will put the rotor and starter clutch together tight so that it won't try to pull off when you put the cover on. Pull the collar off (it will come off easier than the bearing does on disassembly). Then take the crank bolt out while keeping the primary clutch locked.
Then use some Permatex Gasket Tack to keep that goofy shaped gasket on while you slide the cover on. Put the collar on with the key, and tighten down the crank bolt. Done. Turns a 5 hand job into two hand job, no sweat, and no cussing required.😉
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