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Question about bigger carbs?

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On the 36mm and 38mm carbs, etc., does polishing the slides and cutting the springs help like it does on the stock carbs? If so, how much should you cut off the spring?
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I bought my set of 36mm carbs from Torquejunky and he told me that he tried them with cut springs and stock springs...he said it ran best on his quad with stock springs. That is the only reason I still use the stock springs on my 36s. I haven't tried the cut springs to see if how they act on my quad.

As far as polishing the slides, I don't see how that would hurt anything if your carbs are aluminum/metal. On my 36s, the slides are black plastic and so I don't think they can be polished.

Happy trails...:)
Yep, they are plastic.
The slides on my 38's are plastic also.
You know, I put on my 38's and tuned them, but I never even noticed what the slides were made of :eek::lol:. Thanks for the info on the springs; I'll probably just leave them alone.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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