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Rear hub nuts

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I'm trying to get my rear hubs off and nothing is working. Wd 40 , heat BFH, nothing. Any ideas? Also does anyone else have a real hard time starting theirs in the winter?
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I used a 1" air gun at work - NO problem. If you have a tire shop that does heavy truck tires nearby see if they would remove them. Hard starting - might need to adjust valves.
I don't have any problems with it starting until it gets 35 degrees of less. These damn hubs aren't reverse threaded or anything are they? They must have used an impact after they dyno'd it last time.
Alright. Thanks guys . I'll keep going on them. Don't see the need for them to be this f****n tight.
I had to heat mine up red hot and a 4' piece of pipe on a breaker bar. They will come eventually
I didn't have an impact gun so I used a 3 foot pipe on a breaker bar.I got my neighbor to sit on the quad holding the rear brake.
heat them a little with a propane torch, the object is to get the nut to expand, to much heat and you also get the axle expanding.

If you have someone else helping, have them run some water over the axle right behind the hub...this will help keep the axle cooler, letting just the nut expand
Breaker bar and a buddy named bubba,worked for me!!!!
Jump start the battery. Mine did this too with the first, original battery.
Thanks guys. I got the hubs off with a breaker bar, a friend and my temper! What hubs do I need to bolt on a set of wheels from a kfx 400? Thanks for the info
You can use the ones from the kfx400 or you can use honda 300ex 400ex or 450 hubs.
I tried the kfx 400s and they didn't work.
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