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so I bought a OEM carb used for my 2003 Kawasaki Lakota and when I got it it was filthy inside and out ,so I decided to give it a shot at rebuilding it and good thing I did bevause what a mess inside. I got a Shindy kit on ebay and replaced everything but the float witch was still good all jets replaced and float jet
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And as luck would have it the chinese amazon knock off that came with my quad crapped out today so I decided may as well change it Well so far so good and I can say what a difrence with a fresh new clean OEM carb on !!!! I will say that the carb i took off from what i see is pretty clean i havent checked jets I been using Tru fuel for the last 2 months witch is about 3-4 fills of tank i dont know if it cleaned the old carb but the new one will only get True fuel or fuel treated with Stablize here are some pics of quad stripped down and of the carb i rebuilt before i cleaned it Tommorow new brake pads and OEM caliper and new rotor go on so hopefully this quad will be tip top for winter I actually put a cheapo amazon caliper it lasted 2 months lol
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