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rejetting carbs

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i was wondering how to rejett carbs i have a v with dual yoshis and hi flow intake wat size jetts would u recommend when i ride the quad the front can backfires the rear one doesnt i check for leaks could the popping be caused by the stock jets also the bike feels like it being heldback when i try to accelerate it goes but it feels like it wants to go more hope u guys can help
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If you post your mods in your sig it would be easier to help. Also where you ride regularly (elevation of riding area).

Based on what you've said so far I would start at 145f/148r and go from there.
tunr, you get them rims mounted yet?

i havent had the time to get them mounted out here in ny theres only one place by my house that mounts atv tires so im gonna do it this weekend ill post pics when i mount them
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