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Removing Ball Joint from the Arm

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Someone please tell me that theres a trick to getting the ball joints off the upper and lower arms?????

bout ready to pull out the blow torch
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Just pop off the snap ring, and then thread them out.
If only that easy. I popped out the snap ring (easy part) but it's like they are welded in there. Have used vice grips and all and nada.
they are very tight. You may need to find the correct size boxed end wrench, you will need a lot of leverage.
I bought a socket to take them
I understand what you mean about nothing taking them off. I had to get kc6331 to cut a socket down to get mine off. Your gonna need a socket.
cool, I was racking my brain - really was about at the point of throwing them away and getting new ones. Im all better now. lol
The 'wrench' area is so small on the ball joints plus you have those welded on spindle stoppers for the upper arms. Most bolt heads are at least 1/4 of an inch, even low profile ones. The balljoints wrench area is under 1/8 of an inch. If you buy a socket unless you grind down the face it's not going to work. Most sockets has a tapered section in the front and the area to grab is too small it will just slip off. Cut the spindle stop tabs off with a cutting wheel then just heat it up around the threaded section and use a wrench or channel locks as a last resort.
Cutting the steering stops off is not always a good idea, just grind off a little bit so the socket will fit. Channel locks are definitely not the way to go.
I finally got them off! used a center punch on each corner of the nut which broke the seal and allowed me to use a vice grip to get it the rest of the way.

For the life of me I cant get the damm nut off the axle, it's the last nut I need to get off in order to get the swing arm into the shop for chroming. Any ideas?
Put the hubs and tires on, have someone hold the tires you should be able to break it loose.
Been there but I'll keep trying.
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