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Rev Limiter

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Does the stock V have any type of Rev Limiter---I have a Trail Tech Vapor and on the 3rd mode it keeps record of your highest temp, rpm etc---My highest rpm says 8420---I guess the Trail Tech may be a little whacked---Thanks

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8900 comes to mind, the Pro Com site show the V at 8900 as stock rev limiter.
Youre probably just not getting to the rev limiter. Most people don't.
Yeah, my Acewell tach shows a peak of 8200 with my 730 and an EPI Almond spring.
Well good----I thought it was 7-7500 or something like that and was a little concerned at 8420---Still at 8420 that's revvin er up a little huh:lol:

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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