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I am in need of a spare set of stock rims for an 05 KFX 700. Dont care whether they are Douglas, ITP, or whatever. Please let me know if you want to part with a set. Shipping would be to 58703. Thanks
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Do you need/want them with tires or just the rims?
I have a set of stock rear rims of a VForce from an 05. No tires $70 shipped

3% more for paypal ($21.)

no bends or dents. The pic is how they came off the v not cleaned or polished. they are in very good condition.
Your math is a little off guy lol! 3% of $70 is $2.10.
all i need are the rims. i would like an extra set to throw my sand stars on when i head out to St Anthony's this year vs. swapping the tires out.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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