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RIP Phil :(

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I'll miss him, he was a great guy...

'Deadliest Catch' Captain Dies | TMZ.com
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he was the one coughing up blood on one episode.
He definately was a tough old bird. His dang boys would have kill me too. He did a good job as a father and completed his goal. I remember in one episode he said he wanted his boys to be able to go to any boat in the fleet and be able to handle the job. From the last show I saw it looked like he suceeded. After all making our children independent and sucessful should be a goal we all have. Even when they are nuckleheads and test you like they all do.
phil seemed like a really good dude.he will be missed
He was my favorite captain, very good guy, the show won't be the same without him! RIP :(
damn he was my favorite one on that show, he'll be missed.
He certainly was one of the shows more colorful characters. He was surely be missed.
My fav capt too. One togh SOB
He was the one that said "now you know why lions eat their young":lol:He will be missed.
He hasn't been healthy for a long time. RIP
My favorite was his quote about the crab farts, how he could smell 'em. The CM ended up with a great catch that season, so there may be truth to it.:lol: He will be missed.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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