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Rod bearing clearance specs?

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Hey guys, what is the clearance the rod bearings need? I did the grinding on the kfx cases to make room for the 840 pistons, split them to clean everything out.... got a headache from all the carb cleaner fluid and PB blaster...LOL

Anyway, it is ready to reassemble. I have 4 brand new yellow rod bearings and I want to try those to see where I stand, may need to go up or down a size or maybe they are perfect.

Does anyone have the clearance specs?

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I think it's between .028-.052mm :confused:
Thanks for trying Tom. Anybody know for sure?
I'd just hate to be wrong, I'm almost 99.9% sure that's the range that's given in the manual. Sorry can't say definitively

you using plastigage

I do know it's a little better to be on the looser end of the range, than to be to tight
yea. it's in the manual? I have one of those. I'll go look tomorrow.
yea, I believe it's in the crankshaft/transmission section
Yep you were right. Lots of info on that subject in section 9. Thanks Tom. Hopefully it will be ready for head gaskets by monday!
Got the piston/rods transferred over to the spare cases that I clearanced out to fit the larger 840 cylinders. Hard part is over.

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Using ammo cans as an engine stand is a cool idea!!:lol::lol:
That is all I've ever used. :lol:
That center shaft is the heavy style one with the big spring on it,the one without the spring is much lighter.
Never even heard of another style.
The other ones have to be about a pound lighter.
Don't know,but VFJ will..
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