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so, 2004 prairie 700 4x4, pulled the carbs, cleaned them without splitting them (manual said thats allowed), spark plugs and changed the fuel filter.

cold start is a little picky with choke, but usually fires right up and will idle till its loaded up with fuel and wants to stumble.

when i had the carbs apart, i cleaned the jets, checked the needle and slide, diaphragms and cleaned all passages with a small plastic bore brush and brake cleaner.i checked the float height with a set of calipers and they were in spec. i replaced the little brass feral on the diaphragms and cleaned the pilot screws, checked the needle and seat and the float and replaced the bowl gaskets.
i found that the pilot screws were missing the washer and o-ring but i replaced them. i also did a bench sync with paper and they were pretty much dead on. what am i missing? any help is appreciated. thanks

also forgot to add the coolant tube is broke off the carbs, and the lines are capped.there were no shims under the needles.
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