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What you guys think? Sounds WAY to good to be true, and with no location?
If i thought it was legit i would be all over it but im guessin its BS.
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they post the same ads here in Florida,like we have snow plows on our quads down here,then price them at$2900 everytime
It's been removed.
the "snow plower" should have been a hint
Seen it

I just looked at that same add this morning, to good to be true. I am over in WI and if you watched the news within the past couple days you heard what happened on the Craigslist add about a car in the TC that was to good to be true. Robbed for $1500 at gunpoint. Stay away from it!:lol:
Saw it on NC craiglist.I emailed just for giggles.When you pay he will ship....;)
its located in elpaso tx, he said ur payment would go through ebay international trading, and that u have 3 days after u recieve it the inspect it if u deside u want it call him and the payment is then released to he. 2900 for all that and it included shipping to CA. sounds like a scam. i said i would pick it up for him and i didnt get a straight answer.
On craigslist these days if you have to ask then it is a scam. Anyone not in your area = scam.
That same ad is on craigslist here in Fl. It also says it is located in Fl. not in elpaso TX.???? SCAME for SURE!!! Twice in the past two weeks I have tried to be scamed on buying tires off of craigslist....They should have thier fingers chopped off!!!!!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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