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SHIM reccomendations????

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Going to clean out the carbs today and was considering installing one (1) #4 washers on each needle. I have both the #4 SS washers and #4 Brass washers. Which material is the way to go?

My bike does sputter/pop once in a while on acceleration and deceleration, but it is nothing tragic. My bike runs good! I am just trying to dial this baby in PERFECT! I live in MI and ride year round so i know temperature does play a factor when jetting. I have adjusted my pilot screws but i do not see much of a difference from 2.25 to 3.0 turns out. Whats your guys thoughts?

I have a 2005 BF650 SRA, Stock motor, Full HMF, K&N, and Moose power module.

Thanks Guys!!!
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I use s.s., but the brass would be just as good. I would try one shim on your bike.
i agree. the material isnt going to make any difference. i have an 08 650 sra that sputtered bad from day one between approx 5-8 mph. i put one shim in each carb and it took care of the problem and actually made the quad run better. my bike is totally stock except for a dynatek. i believe my air screws are 2.25 turns out. not positive though. hope the shims help your bike.
Thanks for the input guys. Hopefully one of these days I get out of work on-time so I can test and tune. I will fill you in on the results.
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