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slip on pipes make a difference?

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im looking at getting a pipe for my quad but have a limited amount of money. i was going to just get the slip on exhaust but i want to make sure its actually going to give me a hp gain or else its wasted money... or if i basically need a full pipe to feel any difference?
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Oh yeah the slip on will make a difference, but not as much as the rejetting that is involved with the install of the pipe. If you remove the airbox lid and rejet it would be a more noticable difference. Rather than adding the Slip on, save up a little more and get a full Yoshimura or HMF. Those are the two best headpipe designs matched with there cans for the Z/KFX/DVX400.
i def agree save up and buy the full system that way you get the gains threw the entire range the slip on focusin on just one part of the range not sure which
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