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Snow riding

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I actually got it dirty today, but I just had to go ridin.

And the ol lady loves her kfx :D
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niice i wish i could ride mine . dont even have enough snow to ride my sled. you have built one sick bike .
There really wasn't any snow until we got about 800 feet above my buddies property and we continued on until around 1200 feet when the snow was just to deep.
Here is a pic from before christmas, the only four strokes my friends ride are three wheelers.
i rode mine, and neighbors were complaining.
I've been rocking my Tecate in the snow since I got it. Cant wait till I can get some traction and actually open it up. Nice Tecate, and your girl looks like she enjoys riding too, thats awesome.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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