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Picture of me and my boy playing in the snow a few days ago. He loves the bike... and before anyone asks, yes I always wear a helmet and so does he, however, we were literally putzing around 1-2 mph :p


P.S. We have another 1+ feet coming today.... errr!!!!!! Gotta go fire up the snowblower again....
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Looks like fun, my daughter loved getting out in the Teryx and playing a few weeks ago :D
Looks like fun, but too COLD for my taste!!! Brrrrrr...

By the way, its sunny and about 50 degrees outside my window right now. :D

Looks fun................

Hey we got a chance of sleet/snow coming up.........
We got another foot if not more. I'm so sick and tired of snow now make it stop!!!!
What a cutie...your son looks like he is having alot of fun.

Beautiful house too.
I was out after work tonight riding the V in the snow. I sure miss not having the 24" Gators on the rear. She don't go through the snow very good without them. Got out on the road and nailed it. Didn't know I had a flat front tire till I came down from the wheely, about flipped 'er over:eek:.
We wound up with 10" of snow from this last storm, and have an inch or 2 under that.
This was about 2 weeks ago. We might get some snow tommorow. It is a rare thing in this area. Lots of fun when it does snow here though!
Let me know if you get more snow, I'll come plow your driveway.

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Look's like alot of fun, too much snow here to go riding on my quad :[.
way to cold it never snows here i rode this weekend and i was cold can't even amgine riding in that
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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