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85 KLT110, 08 Prairie360, 11 Prairie360, 11 Prairie360 Camo
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This 2009 Prairie 360 4x4 auction in Idaho. Had barely been used at all. Like new condition, but auction says "Not running. Needs carburetor work." Which could just be dig in there and clean it up. I bid early but thought this would go higher than I wanted. 4150 plus buyers fee seems like good money without knowing exactly what carb needs.

This 2008 KFX700 was on Facebook Marketplace. Lubbock TX. Clean, all stock-original. Young guy-an accountant who likes motorcycles. New Holeshots. Super nice condition-he only wanted 3k. I was on it immediately. I said, I will be driving down there, but I knew my chances could be slim if this rig got any local attention. Sold within 4 hours to someone local.

This 1984 KLT 110 could be a deal. Ebay out of Missouri. Says runs but cuts out on throttle-another one that prob needs carb work. Also doesn't have a muffler. Otherwise ad says tires are good. Rest of condition excellent and original-some repair to bottom side of gas tank. Sold for 960.00 Might have to go aftermarket for muffler, don't know how hard to find NOS original. Fix muffler and running issue and this guy is easily a 3000 dollar rig in todays market. But I didn't go anywhere and the dough is still in the bank, which is probably best.
.............Sure would have liked to pick up that KFX in Lubbock, tho.
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