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Some updates

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hey been doing other things, havent really been on kawieriders. been restoring my vintage honda motorcycle, and been working alot of overtime.

I got updates from allballs racing the new upper strut ball joints will be out in all parts unlimited books for this yr. so you prairie owners should look into them and get those old worn out parts replaced. I have replaced all my bearings with all balls racing. and now im updating my tie rods with HD units. Got plans of having VFJ spider rollers done, and some new crossover intakes, I sent my KFX rear shock out to works performance to get rebuilt and revalved to work with the front works struts, my new goals on my 2004 P700 is to make it handle like a new machine. the stock internal 697cc with bolt on mods has more power then i really need for my type of trails. suspesnion and clutch tuning to get the most out of the machine.

since i dont race, and my style of riding is all tight woods trails, and open gravel roads, up in tug hill NY, I ride in a group of riders that all we do is ride and meet at bars on the trails, and we ride for hours for miles on end, in a day we rake up 100 plus miles of riding. so i dont need more power to suck up more fuel. i need more handling and better clutching to put the power i got down and I know with the right clutching i can get more miles per tank of fuel, i have increased over the yrs with VFJ clutch mods and tuning from 80 miles a tank to 105 miles a tank this yr is to get 110 or 115 before i need to refuel. and this is riding till the low fuel like is flashing not when i run out of fuel.
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I heard some places on the Hill were close to $4 a gallon this year.
PS we are going to be neighbors soon..
your moving up to tughill, or up here near effort pa,
yeah more like 5 bucks a gal on the trails. in town 3.75 were the sleds cant get too.
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